Announcing Some Great Changes


Some of you may have been aware late last year that I had some professional changes coming; I dropped a few hints here and there, but I was essentially waiting for everything to be ready to make my "big" announcement.

Three months ago, I left Yankee Group to start a research and consultancy business of my own. The impulse came from a couple of realisations, of messages from the market if you will:

  • the first was that I felt the issue of next-generation access was so important that it deserved more depth of analysis and more resources to answer the big questions than any generalist research company could afford to invest,
  • the second was that I felt there were many players out there (businesses or public entities) who needed the research and consultancy but either couldn't afford it or were looking for different modes of interaction.

Yankee Group was a good home, but in order to answer these demands I perceived, I needed to strike out on my own. The company is called Diffraction Analysis, a name I hope will resonate with people in the industry. 

"On my own" in a manner of speaking. I have support from my partners and shareholders at Tactis, a leading French technology policy consultancy and I'm collaborating with a number of experts around the world to bring forth the sharpest and most relevant research we can produce.

We're already working on a number of consultancy projects. Officially, our research offering is launched in February during the FTTH Council Europe Annual Conference in Milan (Feb. 9-10th) but you're more than welcome to start asking questions if you or your organisation are interested in our products and services.

You will find a lot more details on our newly minted website.

What does this mean for this blog ? Not much. I intend to keep the Fiberevolution blog more or less as it is although you might see a Diffraction Analysis logo erupt in the sidebars. I value the ability to write in an informal and provocative way that might be less suited to a corporate blog. Occasionally, I might announce a report release that I think is particularly relevant, and in the next couple of weeks I might plug our new activities a little more than usual, but by and large, you won't see much change. 

Wish us luck!