Just a beginning…

Probably the single most complicated thing I’ve had to deal with on a personal level ever since launching into this adventure of starting a business is dealing with my own aspirations. When the constraints of working within an imposed framework (of decisions, positioning, budget, etc.) dissapear, you suddenly see dozens of things you could do. Dozens of things you want to do. Dozens of things you think customers would value.

This website coming live is a milestone. Some of the people who have been able to preview our intent (look at the nifty prezi detailing the scope of our intended research) have told me that they thought it was ambitious (but they were gracious enough to suggest that they believed we’d pull it off. We certainly believe we will!) It marks the launch of our consulting activities and our syndicated research offering.

It hasn't been a bed of roses. Lots of hard work, short nights, and this disorienting feeling of being sucked into a funnel when you realise the scope of things to do and the limited time left to get them done. But we're there, and I want to take a minute to thank a number of people who have been hugely helpful in getting us there.

  • Stéphane, the CEO of our shareholder Tactis has been very good at being open-minded and flexible while sharing his business building experience to help us avoid some of the classic blunders. The great team at Tactis (I work in their offices) has also been a huge support.
  • The first Diffraction Analysis experts, James, Costas and Herman have been totally enthusiastic in embracing the project and exchanging ideas (in addition to hard writing...) They've also been amazingly patient about my nitpicking and lack of availability. Thanks to them, I know already that this will be a successful collaboration.
  • My wife and kids have been more than understanding not only about the whole endeavour but about my surges of stress, occasional insomnia, strange working hours and general inability to defocus from Diffraction Analysis in the last few months. As they say at the Oscars, without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

As the title of this post suggests, this is just the beginning. Part of the mental process involved in building the company this far has been about phasing. The first phase is nearing its cruising speed, I can now start looking at the next ones. And boy is there some exciting stuff coming!

Stay tuned!