Putting our money where our mouth is…

A few weeks back I announced the nature of my new business venture Diffraction Analysis. I got a lot of messages supporting or congratulating, but the fact is that at that point in time it wasn't visible to the outside world beyond a statement of intent. That is no longer the case.

As of today, we have a research agenda and it's publicly available in the downloads section of the Diffraction Analysis website. You will have to register to get a hold of it. We tried to cover as much ground as possible in our anticipation of the first six months' worth of reports: strategic, tactical, technical, marketing & commercial, business models, technology choices, go to market dos and don'ts, net neutrality, public private partnerships, a lot of the hot topics of the day are in there. 

We certainly hope that you find it interesting and please get in touch with us directly if you think this research could be of use to your company. Also tell us if you think something is missing so we can make sure to cover that in the second half of the year.

We've now thrown our hat in the ring, the next phase of our development is upon us. Delivery has begun as the first reports are in final edits, and expect to see them in Milan at the FTTH Council Conference if you are attending.