Net Neutrality is Good for Telcos

I was interviewed last Friday by dutch web newspaper Web Wereld about Net Neutrality. You are no doubt aware that the Netherlands could be the first European country to put net neutrality into law in response to incumbent KPN announcing fractured mobile internet offerings to try and counter the recent loss in SMS business. Since we recently released a report entitled Net Neutrality Won't Buy you Next-Generation Access, Web Wereld contacted me for a discussion on the topic. 

The article, entitled 'Netneutraliteit is juist de redding van KPN' ('Net Neutrality is KPN's Salvation' according to Google Translate), at the core, takes up one of the arguments I've expressed here in the past (see The Slow Suicide of Net Discrimination) namely that fighting for net discrimination is a waste of time since it won't solve any of the telcos' very real problems.

Quick, to the English-Dutch dictionary !