Interviewed by Billaut (again) !

Jean-Michel Billaut is a landmark figure of the French tech scene. One of the early adopters of all things internet in the 90s, he was instrumental in creating a corporate perception of innovation and its value when he was working in the banking industry back then, and became a visible and valuable presence through the video-interviews that he publishes on the Billautshow.

Last week I had a very candid and direct discussion with him about fiber to the home, whether it's the only path to high speed internet, the drivers of various players to initiate or accomplish the access network revolution and the broadband situation in France.

The video-interview is in French, of course, so I apologise to those who won't be able to enjoy it. I really don't have the time to subtitle the whole thing...

La fibre dans le monde from Jean Michel Billaut on Vimeo.