Speaking at Next Gen 12

We only ever attended one Next Gen event (in Scotland last June) but we really liked the way the event was run and the content that was highlighted. Speakers were good and relevant, plenty of opportunity for discussions and networking. All in all a very good event.

On October 8-9th is the annual Next Gen 12 event in London. Unlike their other events, this one isn't regional in focus. And when you consider all that's been happening in the UK when it comes to NGA funding (good or bad), having a national event is very appropriate.

We're happy to say that Benoît will be attending that event and speaking on the day 2 with a segment entitled 'Helping Local Authorities get the Best NGA Deal'. Our belief is that the BDUK framework has led to Local Authorities in the UK inheriting the wrong end of the stick and we will present a methodological approach that could help balance things out a bit.

We hope to see you there, and if you want to meet with Benoît, please let us know!