Understand the HKBN model

Hong-Kong Broadband Network's NiQ Lai is one of the most fascinating executives in the broadband space, and listening to him explain HKBN's approach is always full of insights.

This video interview was done by futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson and though it's only 10 minutes long, it's full of nuggets.

My favourite bit is this one:

If you look at the airline industry, every airline can buy planes from the same suppliers, Airbus and Boeing. But the difference between a great carrier and poor carrier is not the hardware, it’s the people that run it. The reliability is not based on the hardware, it’s the maintenance team. The service experience is not the hardware, it’s the crew. And that’s how we see it.

I think this alone explains a large part of HKBN's success. It's sadly not something I see replicated with many broadband providers worlwide, who obsess on hardware choices and mess up distribution or customer service...

We published a report last year on HKBN which is still very much current, if you're interested in exploring their model in more depth.