Release: Fiber Project Database

We are very proud to announce the release of our Fiber Project Database.

There are many resources available on global numbers for FTTx around the world, be they subscriber numbers or ports shipped. However, all of these numbers tend to look at things by country as the narrowest categorization of data.

This database takes a different approach and looks at individual NGA projects as the unique identifier. The database currently tracks around 180 projects worldwide, and is constantly expanding as network operators or municipalities announce and deploy NGA services. In order to focus on the most significant projects, the database by default only includes project that have at least 100 000 homes passed or 20 000 subscribers. There are exceptions for projects that Diffraction Analysis considers significant in one way or another even though they may not have reached these levels.

The database will undergo three minor updates per year in March, June and September. Minor updates will concern data in the database but not structural changes in projects or field structure. Once a year in December, the database will have major updates if necessary that will include changes in data and potential changes in structure.

Sources for this database include secondary sources (web, newspapers, etc.), conferences (speakers often share data that isn’t otherwise easy to find) and direct relations with said projects. Occasionally, when Diffraction Analysis feels they can reliably estimate some non-public information, this will be included and always specified. Not all projects are transparent about their metrics, so the database is as complete as current information can make it, but cannot be exhaustive.

Data fields have been normalized whenever so that customers can use the database for analysis: sorting, averaging, etc. is possible on most fields in the database. The attached nomenclature document lists all the fields in the database and describes their nature and content. As usual with our free resources, all you need to do to access the database is register, or login if you're already registered.

The Fiber Project Database is available to our existing customers as part of their annual subscriptions. Should you wish to acquire the database stand-alone, please contact us directly.

(Note to our customers: the database file will be emailed to you today)

Nomenclature of FTTx Database (n/a)

Description of all the fields in our Fiber Database.