Coming over to New Zealand

At the end of this week I’m leaving for New Zealand where I’ll be staying 8 days.
New Zealand is one of the most interesting broadband markets right now, having put in place a clever scheme to ensure fiber broadband deployment and having implemented structural separation in the process (for more on these topics, see our report Can the New Zealand NGA Model Be Replicated?)
I’m going to be in Auckland and in Wellington on the following dates:
Sept 3-4th: Wellington, attending the Chorus Vision Launch on the 4th.
Sept 5-6th: Auckland, speaking at the Chorus Connections Event on the 5th.
Sept 9th: Auckland
Sept. 10th: Wellington
Sept. 11-12th: Auckland
I have a good number of meetings planned, but I will have some time available so if anyone there should want to meet, please get in touch!