Consumer Study Teaser Summary

During the days preceeding the Sotckholm FTTH Council Annual Conference, we published a good number of tweets teasing some of the results of the first FTTH Consumer Survey. This study was undertaken in december with a panel of 400 users, 3/4 of which were FTTH/B users.

The full results were presented in Stockholm, and will be presented during a free-to-attend webinar sometime in April, but meanwhile I thought it might be interesting for those who haven't read all the teasers to have them all in one place:

  • In Sweden a huge majority FTTH users (75%) think their broadband is better than before they had fiber.
  • 67% of Swedish broadband users think broadband over fiber is ‘Very Good’, but only 13% think the same of DSL.
  • Swedish FTTH subscribers use video-communication over the Internet five times as much (25%) as DSL users.
  • In Sweden the average FTTH user spends 5.3 hrs online at home, 6.7 hrs for <35 yrs old. DSL only 4.1 hrs.
  • In Sweden 59% of FTTH users see FTTH as modern. Only 17% of DSL users see DSL as modern.
  • In Sweden, 34% of FTTH users are 4Play or 3Play customers vs. only 23% for DSL users.
  • In Sweden 59% of FTTH users think fiber broadband is sustainable. Only 44% of DSL users think the same of DSL.
  • In Sweden, 59% of DSL users find their broadband price excessive vs. only 32% for FTTH users.
  • For FTTH users in Sweden, quality of broadband is the 1st criterion after home price when choosing a new home.
  • Close to half of Swedish FTTH users (45%) are Very Satisfied with their broadband vs. only 28% of DSL users.