Meet Us in Brussels

Diffraction Analysis CEO/CRO will be in Brussels on November 19th-20th, speaking at a number of events:

On November 19th, Benoit will be one of the speakers at the Swedish Municipalities event entitled Maximizing Fiber Infrastructure Investment in Europe. He will discuss the importance of broadband for the future of cities, the challenges of the current market situation to enable smart cities and a number of potential solutions to these issues. The event is free to attend provided you register ahead of time.

On November 20th, Benoit will speak at the ECTA Regulatory Conference. Benoit will present evidence disproving the premise that there is an economic reason to be reconsidering Net Neutrality.

If you wish to meet with Benoit at either of these events (or around that time elsewhere in Brussels), please get in touch or just walk up to him after his presentations.