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I was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t give a shit” if Instagram has more users than Twitter…

Source: medium.com

As I ponder my “insight into 2015 and beyond" post for the new year, I'm looking into things regarding the Internet rather than broadband, and this article resonates because as a data buff I know that single-metric analysis never tells you the truth or even close to the truth. I also feel that the "numbers" competition between social networks is ridiculous as a user of twitter, G+ and Facebook: I have different activities on all three, and different expectations of all three. Sure, they overlap somewhat, but by and large considering social interaction tools as interchangeable is missing the point.

Anyway, this is well worth a read and it highlights a number of massively important points: metrics are much too often US centric, the confrontational nature of the numbers competition misses the point on how users are engaged, and a profitable business online does not necessarily need as many users as possible (in the same way that a micro-business on Facebook might not benefit from more sock-puppet followers).


Time for a more mature way of looking at online engagement.

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