Welcome to the New Diffraction Analysis Website


As the most perceptive of you will have noticed, our website has undergone a major rehaul. It went live last Sunday night, but not everything is fully functional just yet, so please bear with us for a few more days as we identify issues and fix them.

I wanted to take a few moments to tell you a little bit about the update and what it means to those who have been following us both on Fiberevolution and on the Diffraction Analysis website.

I started Fiberevolution close to 9 years ago now. At the time I was working as a consultant in very operational projects and the blog helped me flex my strategic muscle. I kept it going through my next employment gig as a kind of 'unofficial' side outlet to my thinking, and I guess after a while there was a divide in my mind between the 'blog' and the 'company website'. I felt like I was more free to be provocative on the blog than I was on the website.

For the last couple of years though I've come to realize that that divide was largely artificial, and largely in my mind. Provocative is who we are, no matter what the outlet is. Furthermore, Diffraction Analysis is no longer just me and some external contributors: in June I was joined by Guillaume Soulères, a young, bright Smart City expert who now works with me on many of our projects. I needed for both of us to be able to express views on our respective areas of expertise.

All this to say that if you used to read my views on Fiberevolution, don't fret: you will now find the same opinions on Diffraction Analysis. In fact the whole archive of Fiberevolution opinion pieces has been ported over. You will also read Guillaume's opinion pieces and news about our publications. But these were copied on to Fiberevolution anyway.

Once everything is settled down, I'll write another post just to give you a bit of a sense of direction. In the meantime, welcome to the new website, and if you see anything amiss, please let us know through the contact page!