FTTH encourages homeworking


I've been talking about the virtuous synergies between FTTH and homeworking (and more generally business organisation) for a while now. Interestingly, there's enough of an FTTH user base now that measurements on the correlation between the two can start to be performed. The US FTTH Council has just released the results of a study on that topic entitled FTTH Impact on Work from Home.

The abstract presented makes for interesting - if slightly frustrating - reading. It's interesting because these are the first hard figures, as far as I know, measuring US home working in the context of the available access connection. What makes it frustrating is that despite the methodology using a control sample of DSL and Cable Modem users as a comparison, the comparative figures are not published.

In other words, 17% of the respondants declare that they work from home from home more because of their FTTH access, and then add that on average they work 2 days per week from home. But the study doesn't present the equivalent results for DSL users.

Similarly, 17% of the FTTH sample operate a home business. It would be interesting to find out which proportion of the DSL users operate a home business.

I hope the comparative figures are made available at some point because not making them public suggests that there may not be a statistically significant difference, which would undermine the conclusions quite considerably...

Still, as they stand the results seem to imply correlation between homeworking and FTTH, although further research might be necessary to see in which direction the inference is. In other words, do you buy an FTTH connection because you work from home a lot of do you work home more because you have an FTTH connection?

The study doesn't say.