Benchmarking 20 NGA Service Providers

There's been a lot of work (and a little wait) involved in the following announcement, but I'm really glad I can now make it. My Yankee Group colleague Vince Vittore and myself have been working hard on a multi-client study entitled the 2010 NGA Service Study.

This study benchmarks and analyses the service offerings of 20 Next Generation Access service providers around the world as follows:

  • Americas: AT&T, Burlington Telecom, GVT, SureWest, Verizon, Videotron
  • Asia-Pacific: Chunghwa Telecom, HKBN, KT, NTT, SK Telecom, TransACT
  • Europe & Middle-East: Belgacom, Dong, Du, Free, Lyse Tele, M-Net, Swisscom, Virgin

Here's the marketing pitch for the study:

With the
massive upswing in demand for consumer bandwidth, next-generation
access (NGA) services, such as FTTH 3.0, VDSL and DOCSIS 3.0, are a hot
topic for leading service providers and equipment vendors worldwide.
Product strategists and marketing teams want to know:

  • Which services are enabled by NGA?
  • Where are the NGA growth opportunities in 2010?
  • How do NGA pricing and packaging compare across geographies?

Yankee Group’s recently published “2010 Next-Generation Access Service Study
answers these questions and more. This essential study, available as a
130+ slide deck, enables at-a-glance comparisons and easy re-use of
information in strategy presentations. The study includes:

  • Detailed
    compilation of NGA portfolios, pricing and bundling strategies for 20
    broadband operators across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA
  • Metrics on ARPU, market share, takeup percentage, number of homes served, service speeds and more
  • Several dedicated slides per provider detailing their most innovative services
  • Yankee Group expert analysis of the offerings, levels of service and pricing structures across regions and operators

Two important things to know about this:

  • first, in order for anyone interested to have a feel for what's in this study, we have released the Verizon section for free.
  • second, the study is discounted until January 15th, 2010 at $4,875. Past that date, it will be $6,000.

So if you've got a little bit of marketing budget left at the end of this year, you know what to do with it! You can purchase the study directly at, or you can email