A World of Fiber

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Here is our fourth report, A World of Fiber, written by Benoît Felten. This report offers an extensive description of FTTP projects all over the world, exploring dynamics in deployment and adoption. On the basis of this overview, the report then analyses key drivers for various players, both private and public when it comes to FTTP deployment. If you want to understand things like:

Why many incumbents are not deploying FTTP despite increased demand for bandwidth from their customers?

How some competitive operators are using this supply vacuum to make their move and deploy their own infrastructure?

What roles do local and national governments take in various markets when it comes to next-generation broadband infrastructure and why?

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A World of Fiber (n/a)

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) became a major talking point in the first decade of the 21st Century, but it’s not yet a reality everywhere. Moving from intent to planning and from planning to implementation is complex. The underlying reason for this complexity is that with liberalization legacy telecom operators became ill-suited to the kind of long-term investment that FTTP requires and yet refuse to relinquish their historical role as monopoly network providers. As a consequence, deployment and adoption are slow. (13 pages)