Home management and service enablement: a winning combination

Here is our third report, written by Costas and entitled Home management and service enablement: a winning combination.

In this report Costas explores the emerging offers for home management and automation around the world and examines the technical delivery models that underpin these services. Crucial if the following question are important to you:

  • How can services be delivered into the home by verticals outside of the communication and entertainment industry
  • What are the relative merits of over-the-top versus telco controlled delivery
  • How do service enablement platforms work and how do the revenues flow between the different players

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Home management and service enablement: a winning combination (n/a)Buy this report

Home management is slowly emerging as the first strong next-generation service that not only requires next-generation access but thrives on it. Here we will examine various examples of its implementation and examine the best approach for access providers to enable home management on their networks. This represents a vital opportunity for service providers to grow revenues, differentiate themselves from the competition and strategically place their business at the core of the broadband value proposition. (4 pages)