The Dynamics of Public Private Collaboration in Next-Generation Access Infrastructure

Initiatives in municipal broadband have been one of the major changes in the telecom landscape in the last decade and are an accelerating trend. This is particularly significant in Europe, where both the telecom ecosystem and the regulatory framework have begun to adapt to this new reality. This report looks in depth into this trend, to identify the players involved and the consequences for public and private players. We also explore in this report the financing mechanisms, how they work, and the key success factors for municipal broadband projects.

Whether you are a municipality considering broadband deployment, an operator looking into partnerships with municipalities, a vendor examining this new emerging market or a policy maker or lobbyist wanting to clarify the field, this report will help you understand this specific trend.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

I. Introduction


II. An Overview of Public Involvement in Infrastructure

A history of involvement

Entering a new cycle of public intervention

III. Key Success Factors for Municipal Intervention

Combining great need and great involvement

Funding considerations

Enhancing a public-private business model

The particular case of electric utility involvement

IV. Partners in the Private Sector

Choosing the right partner

Business strategies in public-private broadband collaborations

Dominant strategies at the national level

V. Conclusions and Recommendations

Recommendations for public partners

Recommendations for network operators

Recommendations for public-private ventures

Recommendations for policy makers