Fiber Networks in Germany

The German market has always been a trend-setter when it comes to telecoms, and in the realm of next-generation access, it is no different. In many ways, the municipal and utility initiatives in Germany are comparable to some of the Scandinavian deployments, but they are happening on a bigger scale and with broader implications. Seim & Partner, a leading German NGA consultancy published an annual report on the state of the NGA industry, the trends, technology orientations, etc. Diffraction Analysis partnered with S&P to publish and distribute an English version of their report, entitled Fiber Networks in Germany: Data, facts and analysis.

This is a very large report compared to our normal publications (76 pages) but the subject matter and the level of detail justifies that bulk. It is a must read for anyone looking to understand some of the emerging models from Germany, and even more so for anyone looking to enter that market, be they investors, vendors or service providers.

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The German FTTH market is growing, but it’s still very fragmented. Identifying the players, especially the smaller initiatives and documenting them in the way Seim & Partner have done is a huge piece of work and quite invaluable for anyone looking at understanding or operating in the German market (76 pages).

Table of Contents:

I. Fiber networks in the German telecommunications market
- Telecommunications in Germany – Market structure and value-added models
- Incumbent strategies: Reinforcement of market structures?

II. European examples

III. Strategies of new competitors: Optical fiber as a competitive advantage?
- Summary: Dominance of local participants in the new FttB/H market

IV. Practical profile of selected FttB/H projects
- Communities surrounding Stadtwerke Neumünster
- Bordesholm KNÖV-Net
- Westerstede, Nordhorn EWE TEL
- Munich, Erlangen and Augsburg, M-net
- Bocholt, Borken – BORnet
- Sasbachwalden – telsakom
- Norderstedt and surrounding area -
- Cologne, Aachen and surrounding areas – NetCologne and NetAachen
- City2020 Kamen, Lünen, Hamm, Bergkamen –HeLi NET
- Regensburg, Straubing, Wörth – R-Kom
- Biberach – e.wa.riss
- Overview map

V. Quantitative market analysis
- Information on economic development in general
- Estimate of cost volumes of FttX networks in Germany
- Direct and induced sales volume through FttX networks
- Summary: FttH is still in the discovery phase on the manufacturing side also, similar to the (established and new) operators and investors.

VI. Concluding remark
- Background information on the FttB/H market situation in Germany
- Conclusions research results
- Conclusion: Although the FttB/FttH market is still small in general, it has already exceeded the threshold of a negligible market niche.

VII. List of technical abbreviations