What we do

The wireline copper network powered the connectivity for homes and businesses that we enjoyed until today. It is reaching its limits however, and network providers now know that in the next 10 years they will need to have replaced that copper network with a fiber-optic Next Generation Access (NGA).

Homes and businesses all over the world are already benefiting from fiber connectivity.
Fiber is also integral to the new generations of mobile networks. The next phase of development will also rely on fiber infrastructure: cities are the next target for innovation in digital services and products. The challenge of building Smart Cities to enable a sustainable development requires new technologies, new infrastructure and new ways of thinking.

Our business is to assist a cross-section of stakeholders through research and consultancy to navigate the Access Revolution and its implications for Smart Cities: we work with access and service providers, utilities, equipment manufacturers, regulators, local authorities…

We help our customers both with long-term thinking, positioning and structural change and with short-term operational decisions to anticipate or initiate next-generation access strategies.

MARKETING & COMMERCIAL: Helping our customers make the right decisions to optimally acquire, serve and retain their customers.

We pride ourselves in assisting our customers in understanding, entering and thriving in digital and innovative markets:

  • By targeting the customers more likely to adopt NGA and innovative services, understanding their needs and developing offers that suit them,
  • By analyzing digital ecosystems, highlighting stakeholders in NGA and Smart Cities, and how they drive or hinder deployment and adoption,
  • By elaborating winning Go To Market approaches for innovative products, adapted to local context,
  • By anticipating new business models, financing strategies and wholesale approaches.

STRATEGY & TECHNOLOGY: Helping our customers choose the technologies best suited to their strategic orientations and goals.
We provide expertise on infrastructure deployment and management to help ensure our customers’ successful implementations:

  • By choosing the right set of technologies to meet customers’ needs and enable future revenues, while anticipating growth in traffic flow and connections,
  • By defining the optimal way to deploy a next-generation or IoT network, and the adequate phasing,
  • By developing business models that provide adequate return on investment, including potential wholesale strategies,
  • By identifying who invests in NGA and IoT networks and how these investors can be wooed,
  • By shaping the right regulatory models and public policies to best encourage NGA investment, deployment and adoption.

Expect this and much more from Diffraction Analysis.