Gigabit at Bayonette’s Point!


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Fixing broadband as a service

Flowing Water
Flowing Water (CC) bcimet

Martin Geddes is one of the smartest brains in the business, and a good friend. That doesn't stop us

So this is what 1 Gbps feels like…

Firebrand is trialling 1 Gbps service in Bournemouth over City Fiber Holdings' network. This is what a speedtest on that network looks

Latency will make or break the cloud economy

FTTP marketing often focuses on levels of bandwidth offered,

The Gigabit Race is On!

DiffractionLogo7big A few weeks ago we had a healthy bit of a debate on gigabit services and their use on fiberevolution. I didn't delve

The Return of the Walled Garden?

The debate on Net Neutrality is raging on. Sometimes, they say, a picture is worth a thousand words