On abundance and disruption…

I have been invited to contribute my thoughts to the Technically Speaking blog edited and moderated by the excellent Gareth Spence. My first

Welcome to the Brand New Fiberevolution!

Fiberevolution is a little over 5 years old, and I felt it was due for a cosmetic rehaul. My goal was to keep

Broadband Trends is back and blogging

Analyst Teresa Mastrangelo has long been one of the top thought leaders when it comes to broadband. After a one year hiatus

The Latest on Global Regulation

Today is Nov. 11th, the day France celebrates the WWI armistice. As a consequence, I'm not working and don't intend to blog extensively,

Tech in a Sec

You will have noticed that it's been quiet here in the last few days. For the first time in years I'm enjoying a genuine holiday

A bit of cross-blog advertising…

Today I have just opened a new blog. Just as my first blog was about my passion for music in general and harmonica