Real-Estate and Fiber in Lebanon

After the FTTH Council Europe Real-estate and FTTH webinar (the replay of which can be found here), I was sent this

The Low Down on French FTTH (as seen from Australia)

Sydney Opera House by Kurtis Garbutt (kjgarbutt)) on
On March 22nd, The Australian published an editorial I wrote on the French FTTH policy model. This came about because in recent weeks the Australian NBN has been under a lot of criticism

One Battle Won

As some of you may know, US incumbents and cable operators have been lobbying fiercely in the last few years to forbid local

Presentation on Stokab with talking track and moving arms

During the SKL event in Brussels last week my presentation was filmed, and it's been edited in a great way (I think). You

Fiber Networks in Germany

The German market has always been a trend-setter when it comes to telecoms, and in the realm of next-generation access, it is no

How the Stokab Model can be Replicated (Slides)

As promised last week, here are the slides from my Brussels presentation How the Stokab Model can be Replicated.

These slides present the high level results from our study

Susan Crawford Articulates the Ideas in her Book Captive Audience

“The rich are getting gouged and poor are very often left out..."

Must see if you want to underst