Is it the End of the Internet (in France) ?

Fr_dp For the last week or so, the French net scene has been abuzz with rumours of an end to unlimited wireline internet offerings. Comparisons are made with Australia

The virtues and limitations of FTTP franchise models

The complexities of operating and selling services over an FTTP network are not to be underestimated. As network

Lessons from the Australian NBN

In 2009, the Australian Federal Government launched the National Broadband Network (NBN), an ambitious infrastructure project to bring high-speed broadb

Timing The Infrastructure Investment in Next-Generation Access Networks

In this report, we investigate how the choice of network architecture and the strategic timing of the infrastructure deployment might affect the network

New York Times and Gigabit

USA Last week I spent an hour on the phone with New York Times columnist Randy Stross talking about Hong-Kong Broadb

Milan FTTH 2011 is behind us…

Banner-anime-180-x-150I just got back from Milan last Friday, after four super-hectic days.

There's little doubt that this was the most successful of the European FTTH Council Conferences, not just in number of attendees (more than 3000 apparently) but in terms

Hong Kong’s City Telecom has the recipe to spin glass into gold

The first of our reports is James Enck‘s Hong Kong’s City Telecom has the recipe to spin glass into gold.

  • Do you want to see a successful fiber broadb

Is TEO a precursor of things to come ?

Lithuania.svg Today, Lithuanian incumbent TEO announces that it has passed the 100.000 FTTP customer landmark (more specifically, 88.000 on FTTH

The Slow Suicide of Net Discrimination

The whole net neutrality debate is heating up again, both in Europe and the US. As usual, the positions are quite clear: application