Targeted Advertising? Really?

Photo by Cliff1066, Painting by Jasper Johns

This is somewhat of a tangential post, and it is the result of a rant I

Sir Jobs Slays the Telco Dragon

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Yesterday was a long day for me, I was presenting the results of a study to a customer and talked for nearly 6

Yankee Group Webinar Replay

The webinar that Yankee Group held today with myself and my colleagues Camille Mendler

Summarize Ecomm Competition

LEE-1 Surely you all remember this monument of absurd humour that is the All-England Summarize Proust Competition. I'm hoping that my attempt

Visionary Verizon?

Us_dp Synchronicity?

As you know the traditional telco model has been high on my mind these last few weeks. Discussions with people smarter (

The Role of Telcos…

Lately I have been thinking hard (and discussing a lot) around the role of telcos in the decade to come. This train

Book of Walled Gardens

In the last few weeks, and particularly since the FTTH Business Model webinar that I