Calling Fibre by its Name

From a technology standpoint, the various flavours of next generation networks connecting the home have pretty clear distinctions: FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, etc.

US Cable Reviled by its customers

It’s hard to believe that profitable businesses would be so detested by their customers, and yet survey after survey shows how US broadb

Susan Crawford Articulates the Ideas in her Book Captive Audience

“The rich are getting gouged and poor are very often left out..."

Must see if you want to underst

Now THAT’s a good catch-up TV advert…

For the last year or so I’ve examined or analyzed a lot of broadband

The Accelerating Stall of the French FTTH Deployment

Fr_dpBeing based in France, the French broadband market is inevitably one of the ones I know instinctively the best. I (

Do you want to understand the cable threat ?

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Diffraction Analysis in the Indian Press

Benoît is just back from India, and has been increasingly involved in that exciting market in the last few months. He spoke to

Fable or Ciber ?

The FTTH Council APAC Anuual Conference in Seoul last week was the second of three such conferences worldwide (the third will be in Las Vegas in September)