Fujitsu, Virgin and Talk Talk rock BT’s boat

Uk_dp (Note: whenever I mention BT in this post, I mean the BT group, including openreach, wholesale and retail)

Incumbents are facing

Is Cisco’s ūmi the revolution of residential communication ?

Last week I was lucky enough to experience (under embargo) Cisco's new home telepresence product, ūmi (pronounced you-me). The photo above shows me

Interview: Wolfgang Fischer (Cisco)

I did a few interviews at the FTTH Council Europe Annual Conference in Lisbon before my zi6 camera failed me. I also think I need to upgrade to the zi8 for stability

Cisco’s Video-Comms, FT’s NRA Z0 and is VDSL NGA ?

I'm still struggling for time and I still haven't managed to write my new year blog post. That's when I'm glad I'm French,

Telia Sonera to deploy P2P FTTH

Se_dp Cisco and Telia Sonera announced last week that they had signed a key contract to deploy P2P Ethernet FTTH service in Sweden. It's