Building the Optimal NGA Service Portfolio

Building an NGA service portfolio is a challenging task: the cost of the new infrastructure being deployed is such that profitability can only be obtained if significant proportions of customers switch from legacy broadb

The disaggregation of linear TV is accelerating…

From Business Insider’s The Future of Digital

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Orange fights back… intelligently!

Orange No. 1
Orange (CC) avhell

Over the years I’ve been fairly critical of Orange both in the way they captured the NGA market and contributed

Latency certainly matters for video viewing…

Two scientists from Akamai recently published a paper entitled Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior: Inferring Causality Using Quasi-Experimental Designs. Now Akamai being in the business of optimizing internet traffic flows

Killer App is low latency…

As might be expected, some parts of this feel “normal” (facebook) but the photo browsing, the youtube video and especially the googlemaps walkaround

TV 2.0 is an opportunity for telcos to be at the heart of content delivery

In the last decade, distribution of linear video content has been one of the key drivers for broadband service upgrades. During this

Arroseur Arrosé…

L'Arroseur Arrosé was one of the first ever movies to be filmed and shown in cinemas by the Lumière brothers in 1895.