DT didn’t shelf its variable rate plans…


There was an interesting and animated discussion on twitter yesterday about the fact that journalists systematically present network congestion due to Online

Data Caps are the new front on the net neutrality war

Gaffel Kolsch by Generallysceptical ) on 500px.com

The tech press has been abuzz last week when it was first leaked and later announced that Deutsche Telekom would soon apply data

Deutsche Telekom to deploy (some) FTTH in Germany!

De_dp This is the announcement that everyone was waiting for, even though it's of a limited scale. Deutsche Telekom has announced today that it would be investing 10 bn EUR in IT

Deutsche Telekom deploys FTTH… in Slovakia!

Sk_dp For the first time I've seen a firm announcement of numbers for the T-Com FTTH deployment in Slovakia. According to Broadband TV