Missing the video-communication train…

I'm coming back to a topic I dicussed already a few months ago, namely video-communication and the role that telcos could play

Summarize Ecomm Competition

LEE-1 Surely you all remember this monument of absurd humour that is the All-England Summarize Proust Competition. I'm hoping that my attempt

Free Webinar on Telco Transformation and Wider Economy Services

I have been writing about Telco Transformation a lot lately and hinted recently that I had been doing some work with my colleagues

Talking about Telco Transformation on Telecom TV

Around lunchtime today I did a video interview with Martyn Warwick of Telecom TV in their ITU studio in Geneva. Last thing I did before I left

The Role of Telcos…

Lately I have been thinking hard (and discussing a lot) around the role of telcos in the decade to come. This train