Connectivity Models for Developing Economies

ConnectivityThumbThere are recurring misconceptions about broadband in emerging markets. These are considered "truths"

Emerging Fiber

I have already written on the case for FTTP in emerging markets. I’ve only been in India for two days, visiting FTTP installations

FTTH in Bangkok!

Th-lgflag I'd missed an announcement last week that CAT Telecom, one of the state-owned incumbents in Thailand had been green-lighted to deploy Fiber

Bill and Melinda to (co)invest in Fiber!

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Webinar: Emerging Markets & Next-Gen Broadband

Yesterday’s Webinar on Emerging Markets & Next-Gen Broadband was very successful (highest number of attendees of any webinar I hosted or co-hosted)

Free Webinar: Emerging Markets and Next-Gen Broadband

Next Tuesday I'll be running a free online webinar on NGA in Emerging Markets. Anyone can join, you just have to register here.

Here's the pitch:

Assumptions about Anywhere Network® deployment opportunities