Altice and ERDF: a perfect match for rural fiber in France?

Altice has drawn significant attention from the French telecom world since it announced 3 months ago that it would deploy fiber throughout France without public subsidies. The unexpected pledge brought further uncertainty to a national broadb

Advertising the Fiber Experience

Advertising the Fiber Experience


Advertising telecom offers is a challenging task, and even more so for innovative solutions : finding the right message to convince potential

Salvaging Google Fiber’s Achievements

In the wake of Google Access CEO Craig Barratt’s “goodbye Access” post on the Google Fiber blog yesterday, there are papers left, right

Calling Fibre by its Name

From a technology standpoint, the various flavours of next generation networks connecting the home have pretty clear distinctions: FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, etc.

Time to think about switching that copper off?

Earlier this week, a short article on Total Telecom was widely distributed in broadband circles. Entitled Portugal Telecom Selling Off Its Copper