Onwards and Upwards in 2013!

The beginning of a new year is a good time to look back on what has been achieved and what challenges lie ahead

Why the Bandwidth Debate Judders On?

In December I went over to London to do an interview with Telecom TV’s Martyn Warwick on the reality (or not) of the b

A Plea for a Radical Change in European FTTH Policy


European FTTH policy isn’t working. It’s not in any way controversial to say so, and I have done so repeatedly in the

Telecom Italia goes full-blown FTTC

A few years ago, it looked like Italy might be a place where interesting broadband deployment models might emerge. In particular, a

Stockholm’s Stokab: A Blueprint for Ubiquitous Fiber Connectivity?

Stokab has become one of these landmark municipal broadb

Google Fiber: Not So Revolutionary

Yesterday was the big day that Google announced its Kansas City Google Fiber launch. I wasn’t available for the live broadcast, and I

Bouygues Telecom to serve THD92 customers

THD92 is the largest Public-Private Partnership in fiber broadband deployment in Europe,

FTTH is (relatively) cheap!

In case you missed it, here's an opinion piece I posted on the Diffraction Analysis blog last week, about the relative cost of FTTH