FTTH Council Europe Conference Take-Aways


The Diffraction Analysis Booth

It's been a little over a week since the 2012 edition of the FTTH Council Europe conference ended in Munich. It's been the most attended of the Council's conferences ever,

So this is what 1 Gbps feels like…

Firebrand is trialling 1 Gbps service in Bournemouth over City Fiber Holdings' network. This is what a speedtest on that network looks

Boosting copper: necessary and dangerous

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Google expands from KCK to KCM !

Us_dp In a way, it's like these long waits for the bus when nothing is coming, and you grow really impatient

Fujitsu, Virgin and Talk Talk rock BT’s boat

Uk_dp (Note: whenever I mention BT in this post, I mean the BT group, including openreach, wholesale and retail)

Incumbents are facing

Is Telefonica finally getting serious about FTTH ?

Es_dpI've often said and written that Spain was one of the markets that would be the latest in seeing FTTH become a reality.

Milan FTTH 2011 is behind us…

Banner-anime-180-x-150I just got back from Milan last Friday, after four super-hectic days.

There's little doubt that this was the most successful of the European FTTH Council Conferences, not just in number of attendees (more than 3000 apparently) but in terms