Milan, the FTTH Capital of Europe

Banner-anime-180-x-150 From a technical standpoint, with the possible exception of Stockholm, Milan probably is the FTTH capital of Europe. It certainly will be

Is TEO a precursor of things to come ?

Lithuania.svg Today, Lithuanian incumbent TEO announces that it has passed the 100.000 FTTP customer landmark (more specifically, 88.000 on FTTH

Some Fiber News to Start the New Year

A couple of interesting bits of news have trickled today (but CES is probably going to generate a whole lot more…) which I thought I would share:

The ARC, an association of l

In which I rant against the all-mobile utopians

Bouygues Telecom launches its “fiber” offer

France Announced nine months ago, Bouygues Telecom's BBox Fibre offer will be available in France starting today, November 2nd. Bouygues Telecom will lease a bitstream type circuit from French cable player Numéricable to access the end-customers. After having made some news