Bouygues Telecom to serve THD92 customers

THD92 is the largest Public-Private Partnership in fiber broadband deployment in Europe,

FTTH is (relatively) cheap!

In case you missed it, here's an opinion piece I posted on the Diffraction Analysis blog last week, about the relative cost of FTTH

Reading too much from the Google Fiber blog?

Us_dpThe Google Fiber blog released an interview of a Google Technical Manager talking about the deployment (in a heavily PR oriented way) a few days ago entitled: A Construction Update. It's frustratingly short

Here Be Fiber

Bill Schrier (@billschrier) posted the following photo on twitter.

image from

I have long been saying that real-estate in general and temporary accomodation in particular

FTTH Council Europe Conference Take-Aways


The Diffraction Analysis Booth

It's been a little over a week since the 2012 edition of the FTTH Council Europe conference ended in Munich. It's been the most attended of the Council's conferences ever,

So this is what 1 Gbps feels like…

Firebrand is trialling 1 Gbps service in Bournemouth over City Fiber Holdings' network. This is what a speedtest on that network looks