Informal get together for BBWF?

Thinking of doing an informal get together around some drinks in a quiet Paris venue on the occasion of BBWF. What do you think? Interested in joining me? Then send me an email

Interviewed by Billaut (again) !

Jean-Michel Billaut is a landmark figure of the French tech scene. One of the early adopters of all things internet in the

My views on the French FTTH regulatory context

Last Thursday I spoke at the Fête du Très-Haut Débit, an event organised every year by Acome in rural Normandy which attracts

The Orange Miracle

Fr-lgflag Jesus multiplied bread loaves and fishes. In the bible, the story is told of how he fed 5000 with only 2 fishes

Iliad / Free launches Freebox Revolution

Fr-lgflag In recent months I have been fairly critical of Free, a company that I long admired and suggested in the past might be

Friday Fiber New Roudup (Bouygues, Free, NZ and BT)

I haven't been very good at posting these last couples of weeks, for which I apologise. In case you're dying for some fiber news

Bouygues Telecom launches its “fiber” offer

France Announced nine months ago, Bouygues Telecom's BBox Fibre offer will be available in France starting today, November 2nd. Bouygues Telecom will lease a bitstream type circuit from French cable player Numéricable to access the end-customers. After having made some news

Cliches from France

Ever since I started traveling as part of my job I became acutely aware that some of the cliches about France and the