Orange publishes a fiber coverage map

Fr_dp It's only a first step, and we shouldn't necessairly read too much into it, but Orange just published a coverage map for FTTH,

Ambition (Lack Thereof…)

French tech blogger and fiber enthusiast Jean-Michel Billaut pointed on his blog to a recently published study about the electrification of France.

Is Free Turning into Just Another Old Telco ?

Fr_dp I'm just back from a two-week trip in the US. You would not believe the number of people who talked to me and

Mystery behind the French homes passed

Fr_dp As I pointed out a few months back when ARCEP released its numbers, there was some confusion about the number of 600.000 connected homes (raccordables). It was hard to underst

Cost to Fiber 100% of France: 30 bn EUR

Fr_dp French consultancy Tactis has released an interesting report highlighting the deployment models and associated costs to fiber up France. This very interesting study

There Will Continue To Be Suicides In The Company…

Fr_dp I'm sure you all remember the media furore in France and elsewhere about the wave of suicides at France Telecom in the last