Bouygues Telecom to offer FTTx services over Numéricable’s network

France Early this week, Bouygues Telecom, the #3 mobile player in the French market announced that they would be offering triple play FTTB services starting Summer 2010. In 2009, Bouygues Telecom launched their triple-play BBox offering over ADSL over the remnants

THD92 is back from the dead!

Yesterday morning in my snail mail box there was a brochure for the THD92 project. This brochure was distributed as a supplement to the monthly rag we receive from the 92 department. It's essentially propag

Internet Empowerment and Government Involvement

Fr_dp Last year, I was invited by the APDC to speak at their annual conference. The theme was Power to the People and I

FTTH: Engage the ecosystem!

Fr_dp Earlier this week, French regulator ARCEP released the most recent NGA numbers it has collected from the various players in the market. France currently has 50.000 homes subscribing to FTTH services

“La Fibre Sociale”

Fr_dp Most FTTH projects, whether they are private or public, are based on commercial principles. While it has been recognised that the biggest digital divide may not ultimately be between urban