Is management T-Mobile USA’s layer of fat ?

There’s an article in French magazine Challenges this week about Iliad and T-Mobile. It's entitled "How Iliad-Free bluffed the Americans" (in

Net Neutrality Debate à la Française

Over the Seine

Since the recent (and thankfully short lived) decision by Free to block Google's advertising content for users of their set-top box, the

Promises, promises

The State of Kansas

Well, looks like I overpromised on my blogging. I had all these great plans for last week, and then real life

Orange takes the lead on FTTH, Free and SFR pare down TV Distribution

Late last week, French regulator ARCEP published the latest numbers for French FTTH. They’re not looking particularly sexy in terms of acquisition. Not that this comes as a surprise, considering how little marketing

Latency certainly matters for video viewing…

Two scientists from Akamai recently published a paper entitled Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior: Inferring Causality Using Quasi-Experimental Designs. Now Akamai being in the business of optimizing internet traffic flows

Free Report: World of Fiber 2012

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) has become a major differentiator in the access market. The list of countries with significant FTTP deployment grows every year,