Calling Fibre by its Name

From a technology standpoint, the various flavours of next generation networks connecting the home have pretty clear distinctions: FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, etc.

Telecom Italia goes full-blown FTTC

A few years ago, it looked like Italy might be a place where interesting broadband deployment models might emerge. In particular, a


I've always felt that Broadband World Forum was just the right size for a telecom event. It's big enough that more or

This is how they should sell Fiber

The following is an AT&T advert for the DVR capability of their U-Verse TV service. It's conceptually good and somewhat reminiscent of the

BT must physically unbundle… someday

Uk_dp A press release yesterday by the EC states that the commission accepts Ofcom's proposal to enforce only Active Line Access (now called VULA) wholesaling of the FTTC