Meet Us at the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific!

Diffraction Analysis CEO will be speaking at the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific next week in Jakarta.

Benoît will present the results of our multiple quantitative studies on FTTH user satisfaction

Meeting in New Delhi on May 23-27th


I will be in New Dehli for the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Conference on May 25th and 26th. I imagine that some (maybe many)

Interviews at the Milan FTTH Conference

There was a TV crew on board at the Milan FTTH Council Europe Conference and they nabbed me (

Milan FTTH 2011 is behind us…

Banner-anime-180-x-150I just got back from Milan last Friday, after four super-hectic days.

There's little doubt that this was the most successful of the European FTTH Council Conferences, not just in number of attendees (more than 3000 apparently) but in terms