Meet Us at the FTTH Council Conference in Milan (Feb. 8-10th)

The 2011 FTTH Council Europe Annual Conference will take place in Milan on Feb 9-10th with some pre-conference workshops on the 8th. This is a major event in the industry

FTTH Council North America Conference in Las Vegas

Even though I had a few meetings yesterday in Las Vegas, the conference proper only started today for me with a metric ton of meetings

Fable or Ciber ?

The FTTH Council APAC Anuual Conference in Seoul last week was the second of three such conferences worldwide (the third will be in Las Vegas in September)

Highlights from the FTTH Council APAC Annual Conference

SeethelightThese last two days, I was in Seoul, attending the 5th FTTH Council APAC Annual Conference in Seoul. I still need to digest a lot of what I've seen or heard

FTTH Council North America against Open Access

Us_dp Tim points out a tidbit of interesting news that I had missed: The FTTH Council North America and TIA came out vocally against

New report casts doubt on Chinese FTTH/B numbers

Cn_dp As early as two years ago, I cast a doubtful look on the numbers that were coming out of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific regarding Chinese coverage