Analyzing Broadband Usage in France and Portugal

Last year Diffraction Analysis worked in collaboration with the FTTH Council Europe on a study analyzing the behavior and attitudes of Swedish Broadb

Free Webinar on Swedish Broadband Consumer Study

The FTTH Council Europe and Diffraction Analysis are running a free webinar on April 15th at 11 AM Central European Time. Benoît Felten

A Way Out of the New Zealand Copper Price Quagmire?

I came back from New Zealand last week, just before a political bomb related to regulated copper prices was launched. Here's the

Embracing the transformative nature of NGA

I was having a nice lunch and involved discussion with a good friend who works with a major equipment vendor the other day,

Awareness of FTTH/LTE Symbiosis is Growing

I have in the past been very vocal about the need to understand FTTH

The Low Down on French FTTH (as seen from Australia)

Sydney Opera House by Kurtis Garbutt (kjgarbutt)) on
On March 22nd, The Australian published an editorial I wrote on the French FTTH policy model. This came about because in recent weeks the Australian NBN has been under a lot of criticism