The Orange Miracle

Fr-lgflag Jesus multiplied bread loaves and fishes. In the bible, the story is told of how he fed 5000 with only 2 fishes

Is TEO a precursor of things to come ?

Lithuania.svg Today, Lithuanian incumbent TEO announces that it has passed the 100.000 FTTP customer landmark (more specifically, 88.000 on FTTH

Some Fiber News to Start the New Year

A couple of interesting bits of news have trickled today (but CES is probably going to generate a whole lot more…) which I thought I would share:

The ARC, an association of l

In which I rant against the all-mobile utopians

Friday Fiber New Roudup (Bouygues, Free, NZ and BT)

I haven't been very good at posting these last couples of weeks, for which I apologise. In case you're dying for some fiber news