Fastweb was a precursor in IPTV. Will they be a precursor in abandoning it?

It_dpLast week a Milanese newspaper announced that Fastweb was abandoning its IPTV offer (in favor of distributing Sky's satellite Pay-TV solution). Fastweb

Getting to know Huawei

Last week I was in Shenzhen and Shanghai at the invitation of Huawei. Huawei, like most other large telecom vendors, organises annual meetings

FTTH in Bangkok!

Th-lgflag I'd missed an announcement last week that CAT Telecom, one of the state-owned incumbents in Thailand had been green-lighted to deploy Fiber

Policy Failure ?

UE I've been musing about policy a lot these last few weeks.

I sense a shift in the way European institutions in particular are looking at the issue of policy

Free Webinar: Emerging Markets and Next-Gen Broadband

Next Tuesday I'll be running a free online webinar on NGA in Emerging Markets. Anyone can join, you just have to register here.

Here's the pitch:

Assumptions about Anywhere Network® deployment opportunities

Back from Lisbon (with some detours)

I'm finally back home after over a week of traveling in Europe. Pauline and Carlos, amongst others, have already expressed their views