Salvaging Google Fiber’s Achievements

In the wake of Google Access CEO Craig Barratt’s “goodbye Access” post on the Google Fiber blog yesterday, there are papers left, right

The Right to be Forgotten

For the last few days I’ve been musing about the recent “right to be forgotten” that has been imposed on Google (and,

Net Neutrality Debate à la Française

Over the Seine

Since the recent (and thankfully short lived) decision by Free to block Google's advertising content for users of their set-top box, the

Promises, promises

The State of Kansas

Well, looks like I overpromised on my blogging. I had all these great plans for last week, and then real life

Reading too much from the Google Fiber blog?

Us_dpThe Google Fiber blog released an interview of a Google Technical Manager talking about the deployment (in a heavily PR oriented way) a few days ago entitled: A Construction Update. It's frustratingly short

Online Service Providers Discover the Real World

I've been meaning to write about this for a while. The coverage of a number of recent legal "happenings" around online service providers has puzzled me