Is management T-Mobile USA’s layer of fat ?

There’s an article in French magazine Challenges this week about Iliad and T-Mobile. It's entitled "How Iliad-Free bluffed the Americans" (in

Some Fiber News to Start the New Year

A couple of interesting bits of news have trickled today (but CES is probably going to generate a whole lot more…) which I thought I would share:

The ARC, an association of l

Iliad / Free launches Freebox Revolution

Fr-lgflag In recent months I have been fairly critical of Free, a company that I long admired and suggested in the past might be

Is Free Turning into Just Another Old Telco ?

Fr_dp I'm just back from a two-week trip in the US. You would not believe the number of people who talked to me and

Seasonal Wrap-Up

This last week has been unbelievably busy, and I haven't been able to post on any of the topics that I thought were