The Infrastructure Solution to the Broadband Problem

The FTTH Council Europe conference last week in Luxembourg was a good edition (although I definitely think that the Council’s strategy of going for smaller

Regulatory Certainty Works

When I was in London a few weeks ago to talk about Structural Separation, the New Zealand example was of course very

An Example of Spin-Off

In the last few weeks, Thomas Langer and myself have been talking about structural separation via spin-off at length,

Structural Separation : a Solution to boost FTTH investment

Our webinar on Nov. 18th hosted by the FTTH Council Europe was extremely successful, both in terms of attendance and in the level

Talking Smart Cities in Stockholm

The week before last, after the FTTH Council Conference in Stockholm, Stokab and Stocholm IT Region organized an event for their customers

Chorus Decorates its Cabinets


I’ve spoken recently about the cabinets issues that Openreach faced in the UK and AT&T in the US. New Zeal